Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chocolate Kaki-no-tani

"Kaki" means "persimmon." "Tani" means "seeds." That is the shape of these rice-cracker snacks. Kind of like a crescent moon. They are traditionally brushed with a spicy soy sauce mixture and...fried? baked? cooked, anyway. And, often combined with peanuts.

The first time I had these - covered in chocolate, I couldn't imagine THAT spicy with chocolate. And they are SOOOO delicious! Crispy, but with enough chocolate to melt in your mouth! Tooo good. I buy mine at Lawson's Convenience Store. 105 yen. 236 calories. Must be fried.

For snack time, I combine one of these packages with some of the regular ones with peanuts, and add some raisins. Japanese trail mix! HAHAHA! I've served it to guests. Hmmmm. I AM hospitality challenged!
Please share YOUR favorite snack - from the convenience store! I'd love to try it!

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Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Kim, oh my word. I want that kind of hospitality!!! When you sent me a bag of these things I devoured them - I was going to post about them but I just never got a good picture - they came out blurry. I'M GOING TO LAWSON TOMORROW! Now I know where they're hiding and they can't hide from me ANYMORE. Bwah ha ha! I'm gonna make that trail mix, too. Need to buy some pnuts. Got the raisins already.