Friday, October 3, 2008


I so rarely used aprons while cooking, when growing up, that I think I could just about say I never used one.

I was so surprised and a little put off when I came to Japan and everyone HAD to wear an apron while cooking. I am not a messy cook!

Then, the housewives would wear their aprons with 10,000 yen bills, then worth about US$100, in their pockets to pick up cucumbers, croquet and other things each day on our shopping street. How could you WEAR an apron outside! How embarrassing!

But, somehow I got on the apron kick too. I slowly started a collection of aprons of different styles and colors and materials. I got some for gifts and bought others.

Now, I can't bear to cook without an apron on. A full shoulder down apron. Hopefully with pockets. And, I always eat with that apron on! A great substitute for the napkins in one of my former lives. Feeding Jun, an apron is essential for any semblance of cleanliness.

Jun has discovered Mama's aprons too. She loves the pockets. She uses them to climb up my front, one step at at time. She also uses them to store things.

Currently my apron pockets are housing a bunch of rocks from the park, a dessert fork and a red pen that Daddy was looking all over for. Oh well!

So, do you like aprons? What is in YOUR pockets?


Abigail said...

That is just so sweet!

I haven't used an apron in a while so my pockets are empty - but maybe I should get back into the habit. Tons of obaasan wore their aprons in Aichi where we used to live, but nobody does it here in Hyogo - too fashionable. Everybody wears skirts and heels to the grocery store - and me in my jeans and Birkenstock comfy-womfy sandals.

Kim said...

That was the ONLY part of living in Kansai that was hard for me. The fashion!!! And the tiny women. In their perfect suits! With their perfect hair. And their cute shoes. LOL!