Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cooking Dreams and Plans

My delight in making new things usually gives me 50% satisfaction with the end results, but I love to just TRY stuff. So, in the near future, I am going to try to TRY these things:

  1. lemon curd - I just had it today at church. I LOVE it!
  2. chestnut soup - I read about it in an airplane magazine on my trip. I don't really love chestnuts any way but roasted, but...I love to try new things.
  3. dill pickles - well, I tried them once, but...I need to try again.
  4. dinner rolls - again, tried once, but...the yeast was from before Jun's birth. She's 2 1/2.
  5. the perfect egg nog cookie. Have an idea I want to try.
  6. a baked breakfast oatmeal - like a cookie in a dish, they say. Hmmm.
  7. I still have some Christmassy recipes I didn't try out at home. Like Abigail's cranberry rice pudding. I brought the dried cranberries back from the US.
  8. Ryu found the recipe for and made Happosai from our 100 yen Chinese cookbook. I'll try to post his way of making it. EASY!
  9. My mother-in-law's daikon and carrot salad with yuzu/sugar/vinegar dressing. One of my favorite Japanese New Year's dishes. Of course, she never measures, so...
  10. Oh, and Ryu says the candied citrus that I made thinking it was yuzu really is yuzu. I began to doubt myself, but, boy is it good. I'll post that recipe soon too!
  11. Oops, I forgot to mention the fennel cookies I've been planning for for months, and...
  12. The peach cobbler muffins my nephew and I came up with this past vacation!

Tomorrow, our lives return to "normal" for a few weeks, so...I'll be back! HAHAHA!


Abigail said...

Oooh, I can't wait to try your egg nog cookies and the daikon/carrot salad! Mmmmm. Well, all of it sounds yummy, actually! Glad you're back!

Kim said...

Hi Abigail! How could I have forgotten the fennel cookies and peach cobbler muffins??? Gotta try those too!